Why is Pencil Drawing Important

Everything starts with a line. Learning the art of pencil drawing can help children and young adults excel in their scientific career path. Pencil drawing is beyond just art — Engineers create models, Architects sketch buildings, and even research scientists can benefit from learning to draw. Here is why:

  1. Drawing is deliberate. Wherever your artist decides to sit down and begin sketching, their full attention will be on what they are creating.
  2. Drawing engages your right brain. Most learning K-12 learning strategies focus on the verbal, rational, and timely left hemisphere of our brain. Engaging the right hemisphere can build upon these by encouraging creativity, intuition, and spatial recognition.
  3. Art facilitates perspective. As an artist hones their craft, they see more than what initially met their eye. This conscience viewing of the world nurtures the viewer to explore how an image is created. Over time, they will be seeing, not just looking.
  4. Repetition inspires confidence. If a line is drawn wrong, it is ok to get it wrong again and again and again. Frequent practice encourages the development of fine motor skills. Over time, simple skills learned through sketching can transform how an image is perceived.
  5. Drawing makes you better. Enhancing the creativity within every young adult may lead to more innovative solutions that come from thinking outside the box.

Learning to draw can give your young adult a leg up in their future endeavors by giving them tools and techniques that can lead to greater success professionally. Anyone can learn to draw; everything starts with a line.

Auburn Youth Programs is offering a Foundational Pencil Drawing course online this fall 2020

This Foundational Pencil Drawing course teaches students how to pay close attention to detail and translate their perceptions into their own picture. This course will also allow students to learn step by step techniques for drawing objects from observation. At the end of the course, students will be able to learn to interpret images to improve their drawing skills, as well as learn essential tools and materials for rendering.

To register or learn more about this course visit our website:

Auburn Youth Programs offers over 100 summer camps & programs where campers have the opportunity to further their education and skills on Auburn’s Campus.

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