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Let’s Get Creative!

Creative Writing Studio is a great opportunity for your student this summer and we want to tell you why!

Creative writing is a great skill for any student to have because it promotes creativity, helps students develop their individual voice, and so much more.

Auburn Youth Programs offers Creative Writing Studio each summer for students 9th-12th grade to grow their passion for writing and focus on sharpening skills in three genres — fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Why is Creative Writing important?

  1. Improves writing and intellectual skills. Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, writing style, and vocabulary are just a few writing skills that practicing creative writing can improve. In addition, your student is challenged intellectually when writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Each of these writing styles require focus and dedication, and it is a great way to exercise your students brain in a fun, creative way after a long semester of school.
  2. Promotes problem solving. Writing is not always easy, and finding inspiration for your writing can be even harder. Practicing creative writing will improve your students problem solving skills, by encouraging them to overcome writers block or the difficulty they may face finding inspiration. They will then be able to take these problem solving skills with them on their path after high school.
  3. A way to channel emotions and feelings. Writing is one of the best ways to channel inner emotions and feelings. Writing gives your student a way to express their deepest feelings through characters and stories that they may not have felt comfortable doing otherwise. This in turn develops emotional skills and the ability to use their emotions to make beautiful art within their writing.
  4. Organization. Writing is a beautiful process that requires attention to detail and organization. Plotting out story lines, creating idea charts, brain-storming bubble graphs, and more will promote your students organizational skills. Then, they will be able to take their plot lines and ideas and turn them into amazing works of art.
  5. Writing builds confidence. Creative writing is a great way for studnets to show case their skills in a unique medium. The beauty of creative writing is that it can be your own, and there are no boundaries to what you can and cannot do. Following passions and inspirations will build your students confidence in writing, as well as in their personal lives, because it is a safe space to be unapologetically themselves.

These are just a few reasons why Creative Writing Studio could be a great tool for your student this summer.

Here’s some of what students can expect:

  • Participation in workshops and writing craft classes with the goal of producing original fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. One short story, a work of creative nonfiction or drama, and three poems are the required assignments. Students will develop of portfolio of creative work.
  • Daily reading, with an eye towards the “architecture” of how a published piece works.
  • A tour of how a literary journal, the acclaimed Southern Humanities Review, works, discovering what editors do on a day to day basis.
  • Writing activities designed to encourage immersion in Auburn, aptly named “the loveliest city on the plains,” Students can expect to take some lively literary tours around town.
  • Special guest speakers.

This course is offered by the Auburn University’s College of Liberal Arts faculty and staff and includes time with notable published authors, who will serve as “guest teachers” during the week.

To learn more about our camps or to register your student today, visit our website: aub.ie/creativewritingstudio

Auburn Youth Programs offers over 100 summer camps & programs where campers have the opportunity to further their education and skills on Auburn’s Campus.

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