10 Reasons To Go To Camp

Summer 2021 is right around the corner and we can’t wait for camp!

  1. Get outside! Now more than ever it’s important to get outside, and get active! There’s no better feeling than sunshine on a beautiful summer day and having fun while you’re at! Let your child attend one of our camps like E.A.G.L.E Camp to learn about and explore the outdoors in a safe environment.

2. Try new things! The best thing about summer camp is that you get to try new things you may not usually get to! Whether that’s zip-lining in our Outdoor Adventure Camp or soaring through the air in Aviation Camp there are so many things to try and explore!

3. Make memories! Going to camp this summer will allow for your child to less loose and have fun! Everything moving online the past few months has left many students longing for an in-person experience to make new friends and memories, and AYP is so excited to provide that this summer at camp!

4. Meet new role models! Our counselors and staff are hand-picked to make your students camp experience the best it can be! We want to provide your children with the best of the best, and though we may be biased we believe our AYP counselors and staff are just that. We are so sure the 2021 team can’t wait to meet you and are ready for a summer of fun!

5. Something to look forward to! As we all know, you and your student are tired of virtual events and online school. Luckily, summer camp with AYP will take care of that and so much more! Camp allows them to have something to look forward to, and get excited to build new passions with our programs!

6. Develop interests! Here at Auburn Youth Programs our mission is to help your student find their passion and become a leader in their desired areas of interest. Our camps and programs allow students to learn and grow into leaders and find what they are most passionate about — all while having fun!

7. Experiences! Who doesn’t want to experience summer camp in the loveliest village on the plains? Our goal is to make sure your child has the experience of a lifetime in one of our various summer camps and programs that best fits their interests!

8. Leadership! Camp tends to push kids out of their comfort zones, which allows them to better develop their social skills while in turn also learning how to interact with other kids that are different from them. These skills will help further their confidence to be a leader to those around them.

9. Build Character! At AYP camps your child will get to meet people from all over the country and cultivate friendships with those around them, which helps to build their character. AYP camps and programs are also team based and build skills around team-work!

10. Independence! Your child will learn so much about making decisions on their own, in a safe environment at our camps! Our counselors and staff are excited to guide your student into the best summer experience Auburn has to offer!

Auburn Youth Programs offers over 100 summer camps & programs where campers have the opportunity to further their education and skills on Auburn’s Campus.

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